Razón Cartográfica

Notícias de la Red de Historia de las Geografías y Cartografías de Colombia

Premio: Historia de los descubrimientos

The Society for the History of Discoveries announces its fifteenth annual prize essay contest. Essays may deal with voyages, travels, biography, history, cartography, techniques and technology, or other aspects of discovery. The primary purpose is to enlighten the reader on some aspect of the exploration of our world.

ELIGIBILITY: A post-secondary (college or university) student from any part of the world who will not have received a doctoral degree before May 10, 2009 is eligible to enter the contest.

THE ESSAY: The essay (research paper) shall be original and unpublished, in the English language and of no more than 6,000 words, including footnotes or endnotes. Papers previously submitted for class assignments are encouraged.

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Essays must be postmarked on or before May 10, 2009.

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